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This site is geared toward providing easy recipes, tips and tricks for parents who are on their own.

Money Money Money!!!

Ok, first off, suffice it to say I'm no Donald Trump. Not only do I not have a teased out guinea pig on my head, I don't have poop loads of money. In fact, as time progresses, I have less and less money to throw around let alone spend on fun stuff.

I also have a feeling that many of you are in the same boat. As one's week progresses there can be unforseen expenses that can throw off your budget. 

This is where creativity comes in. This is where thinking outside the box occures. This is where help from others comes into play.

For this posting I'd like to show you some of the resources I use to get through the week when things are tight. This is where I've gotten many of my all time favorite and inexpensive recipes.


1) - this site is great for finding many work week recipes that don't need exotic ingredients that cost an arm and a leg. From here I've found some of my favorite recipes that are both quick to make and inexpensive. I recommend that you make an account so that you can have their recipe box to store any recipes you might want to try.

2) - this site is fantastic! I've just recently found it so that I'm not completely familiar with all of its features. Never the less, with just a few visits, it has been very useful.

The whole idea here is that you check off ingredients that you have in your Fridge (actually you whole kitchen) and then ask the site to find recipes that use all or most of those ingredients. In addition to your results, you can filter it with regard to calories and budget. I particularly like the "College Corner" filter. It gives me recipes that are both age appropriate for my kids and inexpensive.

3) - Although not as cloud friendly as, it has many simple recipes that work great if you're in a hurry. It doesn't take a lot of searching to find a recipe with a few ingredients that works great. You'll have to bookmark the stuff you like since it doesn't have any account features. Never the less, definitely worth searching.

4) - this site has great recipes. I use her bread pudding recipe often and its the best bread pudding recipe (not to mention the home made caramel sauce) EVER! She's also got a great sense of humor and seems to care a great deal about health and fun. It's nice to have a human attached to recipes. Take that, algorithms!

 You know something? I think that's enough for now. Chew on those sites for a while. I'd really recommend going to now if you're tight on money and you need to use what you've got on hand.

Keep on keeping on and be the best Single Parent Chef you can!