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Shishka Wow!

Just a quick one regarding my posting on Shish Kabob.

I had some leftover uncooked kababs in the fridge one morning and I didn't want to go to the trouble of firing up the grill pan, etc.. So, instead I simply unsheathed the kabobs into my 10" cast iron pan on medium high heat with some olive oil to coat, sprinkled some of my favorite paprika seasoing and let it fry until the chicken was done and the lightly veggies browned.

I then put the ingredients into a bowl, doused lightly with soy sauce and crumbled some 4 cheese Cheez-itz over the top. Let that sit.

Then I quick fried an over-easy egg and put that on top with some sriracha sauce. Be sure to break the yoke right away so it mixes with its friends underneath.


Give it a shot, it's GOOD!