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Saturday Breakfast Files #01 - Quinoa w/Soft-Cooked Egg and Peppers

One of my most treasured moments during any week is making breakfast on the weekends. If you follow me on Instagram (@singleparentchef) you will see many frittatas, egg dishes, etc… It’s one of those times when I’m not under pressure to have a meal done by 6:30 (ha! when does that ever happen?) or in time for school (I’m a teacher; I’m usually late :P)

So, I intend to also post morning meals that stand out on my blog so you can see what I’ve made and get the process of how it’s made.

This particular Saturday - March 16th, 2019. I had a hankering for something grainy like oatmeal or rice and something savory. I thought, “hmmmm, perhaps some savory oatmeal with a soft boiled egg would be good” but I didn’t have any aromatics like green onions to cut that overly oaty flavor. I already had enough rice this week - ran out of potatoes early in the week.

Soooooo, I finally arrived at the notion of employing a pre-made Quinoa product made by Seeds Of Change - their Quinoa, Red and Brown Rice with Flax Seeds. I know, it’s not from scratch but this stuff is good and I woke up late; so despite my mention of Saturday’s being timeless, hell! I still have stuff to do - like this blog, for instance :)

To add to that, I had some red and orange mini-peppers, my constant friend sopressata and a lone organic egg (poor thing - don’t worry, your time has come!). I cooked the egg using America’s Test Kitchens’ Soft Cooked Recipe - sorry, you’ll need a subscription (pssst - 6.5 min in a 1/2 inch of boiling water - covered, run under cold water for 30 sec).

So here’s a pic:

Spring’s on the way!

Spring’s on the way!

And here’s the recipe.

PRINT version

Soft Cooked Egg with Quinoa and Sauteed Peppers


  • 1 package of Seeds Of Change Quinoa

  • 1 or 2 raw eggs (keep in fridge until needed)

  • 2 mini-peppers - cut into match sticks

  • 2 thin slices of sopressata - cut into match sticks

  • Canola oil or similar oil with high smoke point

  • Salt and pepper or savory spice blend of your choice


  1. 10” cast iron pan or pan of your choice for sáuteeing.

  2. small pot for boiling water

  3. microwave

  4. medium small bowl for puttin’ da food in.

  5. tongs

  6. mouth

  7. digestive system

  8. hunger (optional)


  1. Heat pan over medium heat until approx 375°

    1. add sopressata and sáutee for approx 2 min

    2. add peppers - sáutee for approx 3 min until peppers begin to wilt

    3. take of heat - season with spice blend

  2. While sáuteeing, heat 1/2 inch of water over medium-high heat until boiling

    1. add egg(s) and cover

    2. cook for 6.5 minutes

  3. While egg is cooking, prep Quinoa as per instructions on package - should take less than two minutes

  4. Once egg(s) is done cooking, run under cold water for 30 seconds

  5. gently crack egg all around perimeter against cutting board - DON’T USE A KNIFE OR SPOON OR ANY SUCH IMPLEMENT

  6. carefully remove shell from egg - quickly rinse under luke-warm water to make sure there’s no shell pieces remaining - put aside

  7. Place 1 cup quinoa in bowl

    1. place most of pepper/sopressata mix on top so as to make a ‘nest’ - leave a little for garnishing

    2. gently place egg in ‘nest’ butt-first (the ‘butt’ is the rounder part of the egg)

    3. slice the egg ‘north/south’ and ‘east/west’ almost to the base and open like a flower

    4. garnish with remaining pepper mix and season with spice blend