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Spy Before You Buy

I know I’ve touched on the subject in a previous post, but I feel strongly about this notion, and hence am going to repeat myself for emphasis.

Very often I will stock my pantry with items I know I’ll want to use in the future. This often 'mindless' ticking of the boxes ends up providing me with a surplus of items. Just recently I found a superfluity of items such as coconut, chocolate chips, pecans and brown sugar. So, instead of choosing a recipe that suits my fancy, I chose a recipe that suits my surplus.

Thankfully, with a simple search using the ingredients that I have in an abundance, I was able to locate many recipes that made use of them. After vetting the ones that peaked my interest, I came up with a recipe that I will be making today. I’ll let you know how it turns out. If it’s any good I’ll post it here.

Wish me luck and remember, look to see what you have before you go out and buy.