This site is geared toward providing easy recipes, tips and tricks for parents who are on their own.

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Hi! My name is Rob Houghton.  I'm a newly seperated father of three and enjoy making quick, healthy meals for my kids.

Upon getting separated, I fortunately had been the main meal maker for the family, so I wasn't particularly shocked or unable to make good food for my kids.  That being said, along with all of the other adjustments that came along, I started to think about the difficulties parents who didn't know how to cook were facing.  Meals that I may regard as easy, 15-minute throw-together dishes probably seem like insurmountable tasks for someone who had never boiled water or cut an onion.

So, here I am, comfortable with the ways of the kitchen - embarking on the unfamiliar arena of blog posting and video production, hopefully providing you folks with information that's useful and entertaining.

So, without any further blather, LET'S DO SOME COOKING!